Only 4 years after our founding, Team Up World is today among the largest and most successful consulting firms dedicated to philanthropy. With a staff of more than 50 professionals in three areas of practice – Fundraising, Corporate Social Engagement, and Interactive Services – our unique business model enables us to draw from the appropriate experiences and capacities of each in designing solutions for our clients. Team Up World is headquartered in Newport Beach, California and has regional offices in New York City ,Washington DC, and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Team Up World provides counsel to nonprofits around the world to strengthen business operations and the fundraising that fuels their programs. We provide counsel to corporations, philanthropies, and high net worth individuals to structure their philanthropy and design their programs and grantmaking programs. And we extend traditional fundraising and engagement strategies online through interactive communication and fundraising strategies. Team Up World can access communications, public relations, and branding expertise to assist its clients in taking their fundraising and philanthropic initiatives successfully into broader public realms.

In providing consulting services both to nonprofits and to philanthropies, we bring an unparalleled perspective of the sector to each of our client engagements – a perspective that enables Team Up World to offer organizations of all sizes the strategy and expertise they need to succeed.

At Team Up World we have the expertise to do it right, and the passion to see it through .

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